Best and Top Cydia Tweaks

After jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is change the way the iOS user interface looks. You can achieve that not only by applying visual themes, but also through the thousands of free and paid tweaks that are available for download on the Cydia store.

There’s a Cydia tweak for every aspect of the iOS user interface, including the SpringBoard (homescreen), Lockscreen, Notification Center, Status Bar, Folders, Keyboard, and more.

Cydia tweaks allow you to customize the UI by adding widgets, buttons and more icons to your SpringBoard, changing the carrier name, and hiding or showing icons on the status bar.

You can also show infinite apps on the dock and folders, install animated backgrounds and widgets for your lockscreen, change the lockscreen itself, and modify almost any element you can think of. There’s a Cydia tweak for everything.

Some tweaks can also add new features to your Apple device, such as custom gestures to launch and control apps, extra settings for the camera, a file editor that grants you permissions to edit any file, a pasteboard history, a download manager, an option that allows you to text and make phone calls from any point of the UI, and many more options to choose from, that will make your device a lot more useful than it already was.

On the Cydia store you will even find tweaks that can extend your iDevice’s battery life, by managing network connections and shutting off unused functions. They can also boost your device’s performance, making iOS run smoother.

And if you’re not lucky to have the latest version of iOS, don’t worry, because you can get many of the new iOS 7 features with Cydia tweaks. For example, you can have:

SBSettings/NCSettings, quick toggles for your iDevice’s settings.
Cardswitcher/Multiflow, easy multitasking with previews.
3DBoard/DeepEnd, a nice 3D effect for the home screen.
Auto App Updater, for automatic app updates.
Safari Omnibar, a unified search/address bar for the Safari web browser.

Cydia tweaks change the system files, therefore they are not supported officially by Apple, and you can only download them from the Cydia store, which becomes available the moment you jailbreak your iDevice.

Jailbreak bypasses every restriction set by Apple, so that you can customize, improve and make your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch more fun. All you have to do is pick your tweak, and install.